Application Note XAN-2:
Connecting the Controller and Switch

sub-models: 220L, 222L, 224L

sub-models: 220T, 222T, 224T

sub-models: 220X, 222X, 224X

sub-models: 120L, 122L, 124L

sub-models: 120T, 122T, 124T

sub-models: 120X, 122X, 124X

100X GaN Controller (Neg Input)

100T GaN Controller (Neg Input)

100L GaN Controller (Neg Input)

200X GaN Controller (Pos Input)

200T GaN Controller (Pos Input)

200L GaN Controller (Pos Input)

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200X, 200L, 200T

​GaN Controller Module

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Application Note XAN-4:
Mounting Schemes for the Controller

Controller - Sequencer - Modulator

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100X, 100L, 100T

​GaN Controller Module

Controller Selection Guide