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Application Note XAN-4:
Mounting Schemes for the Controller

Controller - Sequencer - Modulator

100T GaN Controller (Neg Input)

200L GaN Controller (Pos Input)

100X GaN Controller (Neg Input)

GaN Solutions at your fingertips

Application Note XAN-2:
Connecting the Controller and Switch

sub-models: 120X, 122X, 124X

sub-models: 120T, 122T, 124T

200T GaN Controller (Pos Input)

Product Flyer

200X, 200L, 200T

​GaN Controller Module

sub-models: 120L, 122L, 124L

sub-models: 220X, 222X, 224X

200X GaN Controller (Pos Input)

Controller Selection Guide

sub-models: 220T, 222T, 224T

100L GaN Controller (Neg Input)

Product Flyer

100X, 100L, 100T

​GaN Controller Module

sub-models: 220L, 222L, 224L