Click below to match-up Controllers and Switches to popular GaN Transistors available today!

These high-current switches protect the GaN transistor, as well as provide dynamic drain switching at very high speeds. Less than 100nsec rise, fall, and propagation times are typical. Simply connect between the controller & GaN device.
The module has simple to complex functions depending on need. From basic sequencer to modulator, the tiny unit is a breeze to drop-in near the GaN transistor. They can provide cmos or TTL drive to a switch module. It can  function with or without a negative supply.

Controller - Sequencer - Modulator

Switch - Dynamic Drain

GaN Power Sequence

for CW or Pulsed Applications

Our evaluation boards showcases the flexible combinations of various controllers and switches currently offered. They can be integrated with matched GaN fixtures to demonstrate both RF and DC performance.

Application Note XAN-6:
Converting Switch from Pulsed to CW

GaN Solutions at your fingertips

Application Note XAN-2:
Connecting the Controller and Switch

Sample Customer Apps       (see App Note XAN-2 for details)


RF Enabled Power Sequence

High-Efficiency, Dynamic Drain

Standard Configurations         (see App Note XAN-2 for details)

Pulsed Drain Voltage

Put Smarter Features Instantly while Eliminating Overall Circuit Complexity

Multi-Stage Bias and Control, CW

High-Speed Power CMOS, Pulsed

Evaluation Boards

General Purpose Continuous Wave (CW)


Application Note XAN-4:
Mounting Schemes for the Controller

Driver for GaN SPDT or PIN diode